About us

OPERA offers turnkey engineering solutions with reference to:

  • Lightning Protection,
  • Equipment for potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX Directives) and Fire Protection,
  • Electromagnetic Field Shielding,
  • Inspection and Quality Control Services.

OPERA Engineering S.r.l. offers multidisciplinary engineering consulting services with reference to Construction Industry (MEP Engineering, Lightning Protection, Fire Protection, Acoustics, Renewable Energy, Project Management), Machine and Industrial Plant Design (ATEX Directives, Explosion Risk Assessment, Electrical Risk Assessment, Electromagnetic Field Shielding, PED Directive, Automation Systems, Safety-Related Control Systems), Energy Services et cetera.

We have a broad range of services for our Customers in:

  • Chemical industry,
  • Chemical Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Petrochemical plants,
  • Oil & Gas industry,
  • Energy Operations,
  • Defence sector,
  • Agri-Food industry.

Our quality policy with organization purpose and strategic direction provides a framework for quality objectives and includes a commitment to meet applicable requirements.

You can find our quality policy here (Quality policy ITA – Italian version).